Disability rights group lodges complaint with rights watchdog over leader's arrest

A disability rights advocacy group said Tuesday it will file a complaint with the state human rights watchdog against police for arresting the group's leader without informing him of his Miranda rights.

The Solidarity Against Disability Discrimination claimed the police used violence and failed to announce the Miranda warning while arresting its leader, Park Kyoung-seok, during a subway protest last week.

Park, 63, was apprehended on the platform of Seoul's Hyehwa Station at 8:50 p.m. on Friday on charges of obstruction of business and violation of the Railroad Safety Act.

He was released two days later, after prosecutors turned down an arrest warrant for him.

The disability rights advocacy group said it will lodge the complaint with the National Human Rights Commission.

Police say they have informed Park of his Miranda rights. (Yonhap)